administration online

  • set system roles for coaches and assign teams for them what allow to limit the access to the necessary data only, based on their function in academy
  • decide on the current assignment of players and coaches to teams, and sportbm will ensure that proper events, notifications, payments and communication reach its members
  • with the data entered, keep up-to-date with the information about all players, current contact details, dates of medical check-ups, periodic evaluations, settlements and attendance will be available in the profile of the player
  • manage venues to control contract terms, add address to enable route directions, and simplify and unify location when creating events
  • download reports for all data gathered in the system, summaries of settlements, attendance, assessments, current medical check-ups, contact data, match or competition results, training content records, all this is available for download for the selected team, player and coach for the specified period of time