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Document repository

New section “documents” in the “administration” panel !

How do I create a new document?

To create a new document, enter the administration panel, then select documents, click on new document.

The new document form contains the following boxes:

  • file name (fill in the text box)
  • file select (select from Dropbox or enter file URL)
  • type of access (select list: public, private, for coaches for players)

Are you a coach? You can add, share, edit and delete your files.

Are you an administrator? You can edit, delete and share all files added by coaches.

List of documents

The document list displays all documents with the following data for each document:

  • name of document – as a link to details
  • creation date
  • author (the coach who adds it)
  • type of access (public, private, for players, for coaches)

List filtering

You can filter the list of documents by:

  • names
  • creation date (from / to date)
  • type of access

Document details

By clicking on the name of the document, you will be redirected to document details, where the following information is displayed:

  • file name
  • link to the file
  • author of the document (who added it)
  • date of creation
  • last update (author + date)
  • type of access
  • list of authorised users (whether the document is a private document)

list of documents in sportbm

In the menu we have added the “documents” module, which is a link to a view of the list of documents added by coaches.

In the new tab documents, you can view all documents that are:

  • open to public
  • private for the player
  • private for teams to which a player is assigned,
  • for all players

List of documents

You will find the following information in the document list:

  • name of the document (with a link)
  • creation date
  • who created it

Document list filtering

You can filter the list of documents by:

  • names
  • creation date (from / to date)
  • academy (if the player is in 2 or more academies)