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Creating tasks in mobile app

Task module available from the application level!

On coach's dashboard in mobile app a new task widget has been added, which works analogously to the one on desktop.

In the main app view you will find the buttons:

  • to complete 
  • created 

To add a task for coaches or players click '+' new task, complete all boxes and save.

Tasks “to complete” are the sum of tasks to be completed. After clicking you will be redirected to pending tasks view, where a list of tasks to which you haven't responded yet is shown.

Each task in the list contains the following information:

  • deadline for completion
  • name of the task
  • name and surname of the author of the task
  • name and surname of the addressee
  • and an icon presenting the status of the task:
  • red when the task is overdue, or the deadline expires today
  • yellow when there are 3 days or less left
  • none, when the deadline for completion is at least 4 days

After clicking, the user is directed to task solving view, where details of the task are presented, as well as response form, in which, depending on the type of response, the following boxes are may be displayed:

  • yes/no – two buttons with “yes” and “no” answers are displayed,
  • text answer – a text field is displayed in which the addressee enters the answer.