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Price list

We do not want you to waste your precious time for thinking

Therefore, we provide you with all sportbm functions for free during a 30 days free trial period so that you could see for yourself how many positive changes it will bring to your daily work.

How to start?




Fill in academy data


Invite your players and their tutors to use the app

How much does it cost to use sportbm website?


for creating the website

for a permanent access to the panel, website maintenance and development

for using the sports outfit creator

for launching and maintaining a professional website

only 50 EUR

minimum fee that
includes the cost
of 25 players
(2 EUR for one palyer)

+ only 2 EUR

for each new player per month,
if there are more than
25 players at your academy

Additionally, you can benefit from the training module paying


for every player per month
if there are up to
50 players at your academy

0.50 EUR

for every player if there are
from 51 to 150 players
at your academy

Join the group of the best sports academies now,

increase the comfort of your work and offer a brand new quality to your students.

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