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Your academy at sportbm step by step


Create a sportbm account

Enter your e-mail address, to which you will receive a message with the registration link. Click on the link and go to the next step.


Fill in academy data

Enter the name of your academy, book an appropriate website address (e.g.* and confirm the willingness to create the academy account.


Log in and start working

After you have logged in to the app, you can add new coaches, teams and individual players, establish training schedules and manage payments.

* With the sportbm account you receive a free professional website of your academy. You can tailor its layout to your needs and fill in the data, add articles and update all the information.

Why is it worth,
or what possibilities are offered by each sportbm module?


This sportbm app module helps the owners and coaches to have full control over academy finances. Using this module, you can add both one-time and recurring contributions for different purposes: class fees, coach remunerations, camps, or sports equipment.

With just one click, you can check if everyone settled the amount due on time and send an SMS reminder or an e-mail to all those who are late, reminding them of an overdue payment.

What is more, the app allows you to generate reports that make it easier to manage academy finances and maintain documents in order.


It is one of the most important modules in the sportbm app when it comes to an effective management of the academy and particular training groups. It allows, among other things, to add regular trainings (e.g. daily trainings at 5 PM at the local stadium) and additional events (e.g. a trip to a tournament in another town or upcoming medical examinations).

All events added to the calendar can be freely edited. Therefore, you can change the place and hour of the training and, importantly, everyone interested who are assigned to the event will learn about this. In practice, it means that when you postpone the class from 5 PM to 6 PM, the player’s tutor (or an adult player) will receive an notification with sound in your app and an e-mail informing about the change. You can also notify about urgent situations via SMS.


This module contains all the information about coaches (details, notes, license numbers and contact data) and it allows you to check the actual timetable of every coach or assign a substitute coach when the regular coach reports his/her absence.

At any time, you can also add new coaches who will add their classes to the academy calendar and invite their players or their tutors to use it.


In this module, you can add an unlimited number of teams in a given academy. This means that if there are several teams at your football school, you can manage them using only one academy account and have a permanent control over all current affairs.

While adding a team, you give it a corresponding name, upload a photo, prepare a suitable group description and decide, whether it should be visible on your academy website as well as you define how often a player from a particular team will be evaluated (once a year, once per trimester, once a month or at every event). The panel allows you also to preview the attendance of each team at trainings.


This module of sportbm app allows you to achieve one of the key objectives that we set ourselves while creating this solution, which is an effective cooperation between the sports academy, the players and their tutors.

In this section, you will find the information about how many SMS messages from the package you can still use and an exact history of all already sent messages (SMS + e-mail). With one click, you can resend each one of them. If necessary, you can increase the number of SMS messages in the package anytime.


This module allows you to generate immediately and download reports that summarize each section. So you can download a report on payments, training attendance, grades, periodic medical examinations, players, tutors and training units.

All you have to do is indicate a time frame and a team or a player to whom the report relates (of course, if this is the type of report you selected) and click the button “Generate report”, and soon after a few seconds there will be a complete report in XLS file downloaded to your computer.


This section of the control panel allows you to manage the academy website content, add new articles and change the website layout, including colors, photos, logo, or club emblem, etc. You can, for example:

  • link the academy website with its Facebook profile
  • create a special tab „About Us” where you publish your mission statement and describe the character of the classes at your academy
  • present a detailed offer of the academy with the prices
  • add photo galleries from trainings, championships and other events
  • present all academy departments together with their contact information
  • present sponsors of your teams
  • display ads that may be an additional source of income for your academy.

The administration panel can be used also to introduce changes in all academy account settings.


This is a training module dedicated to the coach that facilitates adding special training plans with descriptions of training units and objectives as well as exercises to be done.

The panel allows also to generate the plan in PDF. By clicking the corresponding button, the file is sent to your e-mail address.

sportbm is the first such a useful app for coaches